Comedy thriller DJ Tillu movie on aha

Comedy thriller DJ Tillu movie on aha

No one in this world would like to miss a complete comedy entertainment movie. Such movies are a perfect choice for your weekend plans because they will provide you with some relief from stress and depression and will make you happy. If you are ready to watch a comedy movie, you must try to watch DJ Tillu, one of the latest Telugu comedy crime movies.

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The cast of DJ Tillu

DJ Tillu is a crime romantic movie wherein Siddhu Jonnalagadda plays the leading role as Bala Gangadhar Tilak – DJ Tillu. The other prominent cast members of this film include Neha Shetty as M Radhika, Prince Cecil as Shannon, Brahmaji as Inspector Rao, Pragathi, Narra Srinivas, etc.

The story of DJ Tillu

DJ Tillu movie has a unique storyline with a lot of twists. DJ Tillu is a young man who wants to be successful in his career as a DJ. He falls for a girl named Radhika, whom he meets at the club, and starts to love her. But on the other hand, Radhika is already in another relationship, wherein she found that her ex-lover has affairs with some other girls. So, she acts like loving DJ Tillu to pay back her ex-boyfriend Rohit. Later Rohit finds out about everything, which worsens the situation, and enters into a conflict with Radhika.

The main twist of the movie starts when Radhika accidentally kills Rohit. She calls DJ Tillu and drags him into the huge mess she has created. Later, both of them plan on burying the body but get caught by a drunkard who demands money. Next comes many twists, wherein Radhika seduces a club owner named Shannon to get some money. But later, Radhika and DJ Tillu gets followed by the police and will also get caught. The movie is about getting rid of the mess created by Radhika, and DJ Tillu unknowingly falls into this dire situation.

Watch the comedy thriller movie at any time you want from aha

Everyone likes to watch Telugu movies like comedy thrillers, but most of them cannot find the right platform. If you are looking for one such place to watch DJ Tillu, you can stop searching because aha-OTT is currently streaming this movie. It is the only online streaming platform where you can find almost all the latest Telugu movies.

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