Educational Certificate

The Guide to Educational Certificate attestation

An attesting certificate is a process of certifying the authenticity of an educational certificate. The attesting certificate is done by the Ministry of Education or any other government-approved institution. The Ministry of Education will attest to all certificates issued by schools, colleges, and universities. On the other hand, any other institution will attest certificates issued only within their institutions.

Process of attesting educational certificates

An educational certificate attesting is a must for any job seeker. It is a way to validate the certificate’s authenticity and ensure that an accredited institution has issued it. The certificate is attested from any embassy or consulate.

The procedure will vary depending on where a person obtained the certificate.

An individual must have an attested educational certificate to work in any country. The attesting process for a certificate is not arduous, but it can be time-consuming. Here is a guide to help you through the process.

  1. Individuals will need to obtain a copy of the educational certificate from the issuing institution.
  2. Next, it needs to get the certificate legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country.
  3. Once the individual has the legalized certificate, get it attested by the Embassy or Consulate in the home country.
  4. At the Embassy or Consulate, fill out an application form and submit an individual transcript with other required documents.
  5. Once the application is processed, receive a certified stamp on the certificate.
  6. After, the attested transcript requires to take to the Ministry of Education.
  7. Finally, all corrected and verified documents receive a certificate of education.

Educational Certificate

Benefits of attesting educational certificates

The benefits of having an attested certificate include:

  • Confirm authenticity: Attesting certificates to a notary and producing an apostille authentication ensures that the document is authentic, verified, and ready for legal use in all countries.
  • Demonstrating that individuals have the required qualifications to work
  • Simplifying the process of obtaining a work visa
  • Avoiding paper copies: Some companies refuse to employ people who have photocopies of their certificates. In some cases, companies insist on original documents or may still request a copy of the certificate.

If an individual has planning to work, recommended that they have confirmed educational certificates attested.


The government has made it mandatory for all educational certificates to be attested before submitting visa applications. This is to ensure the authenticity of the certificates and protect the students’ interests. Attesting educational certificates is an excellent way to show that an individual has the required qualifications. It helps make the process easier when applying for a work visa and helps obtain a job quickly.

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